English-French>Spanish Translation

Professionally supported translations made available in any format and pagination application!

It is, in fact, knowing both cultures of the languages involved so much so that both texts will cause an identical reaction in both languages. It is a powerful and often overlooked communication tool!

Today, I offer tailored translation and bilingual communications services to organizations and individuals.  I am currently dedicated to the translation of texts in the fields of international finance, development and cooperation with multilateral cooperation organizations working in the Latin American and Caribbean region. I continue to translate and produce bilingual marketing material for companies and individuals, and to do transcription and informal consecutive interpretation. 

English/Spanish and French/Spanish Translation 

Also available is the service of translation from French to my native tongue, Spanish, or from English to Spanish. Send us a note and we will be glad to help!

Some of my favorite projects are in the fields of education and literature, such as:

  • English>Spanish translation of A Child’s History of Spain (In Progress) by John Bonner
  • English>Spanish translation of Thirty More Famous Stories (In Progress) by James Baldwin
  • English>Spanish translation of Home Education by Charlotte Mason
  • English>Spanish translation of ethnomusicology research by Jake Rekedal (to be published)
  • English>Spanish translation of Finding the Balance in World Missions by S.E. Ray
  • English>Spanish translation of Under a Lucky Star (biography of James Mundell and his work the Chol-Chol Foundation) by Giles Dawson and Elizabeth Nicoletti

Certified Translation

When translating legal documents, our translations are professionally formatted so that they look exactly like the original document.  We provide the translation in our letterhead. The translation includes a Certificate of Accuracy signed (and stamped by a notary if needed) as required by the USCIS, among other Government agencies, for no extra cost. 

  • Translation of Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, etc.
  • Immigration – USCIS
  • Translation with an Affidavit of Accuracy

Applications Used

I use automated translation tools which assure consistent brand, tone of voice and content quality across all languages and translation projects as well as better pricing for my clients.

Additionally, I can also apply my translations directly to client-provided files in the language of their choice without them having to hire a graphic artist to complete, saving my clients time and project costs.

I can do this by using pagination applications like Adobe Indesign CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, QuarkXPress 2016, and Microsoft Powerpoint 2016. Retired applications like Adobe Pagemaker and CorelDraw can also be supported.

Prices & Working Terms

Translation projects are charged differently depending on the project, either per number of words in the source text or per hours of work.  In general, I charge US$0.12-0.15/word, or US$25-30/hour of work. Please request a free quote or let me know details of your project in this link so I can give you a personalized price for your project. 

A surcharge of 15% is applied for express translations (“Urgency Fee”) to be delivered within 7 working days.   There are also discounts for repetitions. 

Regarding payment, I can receive payments through Bank transfer, check, or Paypal. I usually request new clients to pay 10% for the estimated cost of the project in advance. Translation projects bigger than 10,000 words are divided into assignments/phases, which are paid independently in order to be delivered to the client.

Contact me now for a free, tailored quote for your project, using this form.  




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