Transcription Services

Our transcription services are accurate and affordable, and can be provided in both English and (especially) Spanish–both from Latin America or from Spain.

The only requirement for you to work with me in this area is to provide a usable audio or video file to me either through e-mail or a virtual cloud storage service like Dropbox.

As a professional translator, I know the importance of accuracy and provide you with transcriptions that may contain cultural background, if needed, especially if it is a Spanish transcription. My knowledge of linguistics, semantics and active cultural background in the South American culture, together with my current living experience in the United States provide for a high-level consultancy service for the files you need to transcribe.

As a transcriptionist, I have background experience in fields including

  • Social Research
  • Business
  • Education

Each of our transcripts is guaranteed to have a 98% or better rate of accuracy. Such a high level of quality can be offered because we are real people, not robots or algorithms.

Johanna provided timely and thorough transcriptions from a number of often complicated oral interviews in Spanish.
Scott Crago, Researcher

If you wish to get a quote or learn more about my services in this area, please contact me using this form.