Spanish & English Tutoring

Being bilingual is a key asset for you, not only professionally but also personally! 

The United States now has more Spanish speakers than Spain — and the second most in the world, according to a new study. There are now an estimated 52.6 million people in the US who can speak the worldwide romance language, which is second only to Mexico’s 121 million. The US Census Office estimated that there will be 138 million U.S. Spanish speakers by 2050 — which would make it the biggest Spanish-speaking nation on Earth.

My specialized university degree, teaching experience and translating background helps me understand the core needs of my clients when learning a new language and providing them with what is most necessary. Thus I can assure my students that we will be making the most of the learning time and the financial resources invested.

I am passionate about sharing and teaching the languages I know. Review the options below and choose what suits you best. Contact me with any questions and/or ideas you may have have your learning process.

Coffee House Spanish for Adults

Conversational Spanish classes for adults with a basic knowledge of Spanish who desire to successfully communicate in professional settings or while traveling. We will maintain small groups of up to 7 people for assured learning intimacy.  Participating with “Speaking Spanish” is an opportunity to practice with others in a relaxed social environment, which currently meets at a local coffee shop. 

Discounted Introductory Tuition

The pricing is flexible according to how long you wish to commit to learning:

1-Month PlanFour sessions of 1.5 hour each6 Hours of total training at $15/hr$90/person
3-Month PlanTwelve sessions of 1.5 hour each18 Hours of total training at $14/hr$252/person

The tuition includes:

  • No registration fee
  • 1 free beverage of your choice
  • 1 folder and basic material (No extra expense for books!) 

One-on-One Spanish Tutoring 

This is especially geared towards students or professional individuals with a very specific goal in mind. For example, college students can fulfill basic language competency requirements or prepare for introductory-level Spanish courses. Specific learning goals may vary – grammar, phonetics, verbs drills, cultural notes and vocabulary, among others. In-home tutoring is available subject to geographical limitations.

Tuition Costs: The pricing depends on whether you can commit to one session or more as follows:

Face to face Session1 hour is $30 session by session (equals to $360 for three months)A 3-month plan (12 sessions) is $320Available In-Home or a Public Library as an example
Online Session1 hour is $25 session by session (equals to $300 for three months)A 3-month plan (12 sessions) is $270Available through Skype or Google Hangouts

The modest fees include all materials!

Please click here to learn more about these services
or request an estimate for a specific learning program for you!

English Tutoring 

If you wish English tutoring, please click here to read in Spanish, or send me a note through the Contact Form with your information and I will contact you back as soon as possible.