Spanish & English Tutoring

English and Spanish are two of the most used languages around the world–they are a key asset for you! My services are tailored for either English or French speakers who wish to learn Spanish, or for Spanish speakers who wish to learn American English. I am passionate about sharing and teaching my native language! I provide the following tutoring services depending on your needs, ranging from establishing a basic knowledge of the language or developing conversational skills, and with adjustable timelines and goals:

Online Classes

Simple and easy, user-friendly alternative of an online, 1-hour learning session. A computer or a phone with microphone and a camera is enough! 

Pricing: One hour costs $20 and it includes all virtual materials.

One-on-one Tutoring 

This is especially geared towards students or professional individuals with a very specific goal in mind. For example, college students can fulfill basic language competency requirements or get ready for introductory-level Spanish courses. Specific learning goals may vary – grammar, phonetics, verbs drills, cultural notes and vocabulary, among others. I do tutoring in my home (Avon), but in-home tutoring is also available subject to geographical limitations.

Pricing: Sessions are charged per hour.

Group Classes for Adults

Spanish conversational classes for adults in small groups of less than 6 students, ranging from basic (for those with no knowledge of Spanish) to intermediate (for those with a basic knowledge) and advanced (conversational) level.  This is an opportunity to effectively use the language with others in a relaxed, social environment, in one of our charming coffee shops in Avon, Brownburg, Danville and Plainfield. 


1 Month: 4 Sessions of 2 hours: $99/person
3 Months: 12 2-hour sessions are $297/person

The cost includes Free Registration and 1 Free drink at each session!

Group Classes for Children 

Flexible learning 1-hour session aiming at developing practical Spanish skills effectively and quickly among children, with fun but structured 20-minute activity including different elements depending on the nature of the activity (reading, listening, music, games, etc.), both indoors and outdoors. Visiting parks, the zoo, may also be included in a plan of study.

Pricing: Depending on the activity’s expected or desired time frame. 1-hour weekly sessions may be arranged in sets of 4 weeks and 12 weeks. The cost includes all materials! 


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English Tutoring 

If you wish English tutoring, please click here to read in Spanish, or send me a note through the Contact Form with your information and I will contact you back as soon as possible.