Bilingual Communications

I have a passion to build communication bridges between Hispanic and American cultures.  Creating meaningful, long-lasting, strategic business relationships between Spanish and English speaking individuals or companies/organizations requires skill.  Not only linguistic skill but also interpersonal abilities proven by experience.

Intermediaries are literally positioned between two people or things and facilitate effective communication between the two; In our context, is equivalent to mediating not only between two languages ​​but between two ways of seeing the world, two cultures, and therefore consists of a careful process of intervention that requires a deep knowledge of both represented cultures. 

My Background in Bilingual Communications

I have 10-year experience in the creation, translation and use of bilingual communication tools, formally and informally, and I am passionate about working with companies that respect and dignify the work of small producers–my best experience has been to support exports and business promotion of handicrafts, in a Fair Trade and NGO context.  I have done consecutive interpretation and business representation.

For more detailed information about my work experience, please visit here.

Interpretation is one of many forms of cultural mediation.  It is also an extremely important tool in business promotion.

My Bilingual Communications Services 

Currently, I provide the following services, available in person, on-site, by telephone or via Internet, for Spanish and/or English speaking individuals, companies or institutions, located in Latin America or in the United States:

  • Consecutive interpretation, by phone or in person
  • Representation or accompaniment of individuals or companies
    • Business or sales representation for Latin-American companies in the United States in trade shows, conferences.
    • Corporate representation of Latin American individuals and companies in procedures and processes carried out in the United States
    • Accompaniment to meetings, medical appointments, working lunches, etc.
    • Cultural Mentorship for newcomers to the USA
    • Assistance with application processes of immigration to the USA or citizenship 
  • Creation and design of localized, bilingual informative material, for public relations, marketing and promotion
  • Creation of localized, responsibe websites in English and/or Spanish –> Read More
    • High quality design and photography
    • User-friendly and affordable
    • Contact form on the page
    • E-mail address for professional use

Feel free to request more information tailored to your project or a free estimate for our services. Do not lose a business deal for lack of follow-up or because you cannot travel to Latin America or speak Spanish fluently. Contact me now! if you wish to learn more about specific ways how we can help you, or if you have a business project for which you need representation.

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