Our Services

Since 2002 — Offering crucial bilingual communications services for the world citizen of today!

As a certified, freelance English-Spanish Translator since 2002, my services comprise the wide array of bilingual communications skills I have developed during my professional experience:

English-Spanish-French Translation

  • English to Spanish translation of written texts
  • Spanish-English translation is done only after assessment of the source text, and provided that it falls under our expertise
  • Spanish-English to French translation of written texts in our areas of expertise
  • Translation on format files such as Adobe Indesign CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, QuarkXPress 2016, and Microsoft Powerpoint 2016
  • Review and edition of texts in Spanish

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Cultural Inter-Mediation

  • Face-to-face or phone inter-mediation between Latin American and American individuals and companies
  • Consecutive interpretation, by phone or one-site
  • Development and design of bilingual informative material
  • Creation of localized websites in English and/or Spanish –> Read More
  • Accompaniment to meetings, medical appointments, working lunches, etc.
  • Representation of individuals
    • Business or sales representation for Latin-American companies in the United States in trade shows, conferences.
    • Corporate representation of Latin American individuals and companies in procedures and processes carried out in the United States
  • Cultural mentorship for newly-arrived persons in the USA
  • Assistance with processes of immigration to the USA or citizenship

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Language-related Services

  • Transcription (production of a written copy) of audio files in Spanish –> Read More 
  • Spanish tutoring for English or French speakers, or English tutoring for Spanish or French speakers. Tailored programs for individuals or groups. Available via online free software applications (like Skype) or face-to-face –> Read More


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